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The famous Polacco goats are back! In this playful interactive chant, three mischievous little goats find their way out of the gate (squeak, squeak, squeak!), over a bridge (click, click, click!) through some mud (squish, squish, squish!), onto a carousel (um pah pah pah, um pah pah!) ... and right into the path of an angry ogre! Of course, they are happy to turn right around and run straight back over the path they traveled, until at last they are back home again, safe and sound.

Patricia Polacco's color palette is bright and springlike in her second goat adventure for very young readers.

Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: N
ISBN-13: 9780399242236
ISBN-10: 0-39-924223-6
Sub Genre: Animals / Picture Book

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