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Off the Couch

Off the Couch

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A Psychiatrist's Candid Stories of Hope and Healing

Real people, real problems.

  • A newlywed’s bizarre stringencies are worrying his kallah.
  • A bachur must pursue treatment, but his father disagrees.
  • A mother wants to hide her daughter’s mental illness and find her a shidduch.
  • A young man’s nightmares are taking over his life.
  • An angry ER doctor is a terror at work.
  • A high-profile politician and his wife need couples therapy — fast.

Join Dr. Jacob L. Freedman, renowned psychiatrist, educator, and Mishpacha columnist, in this uplifting, intriguing collection drawn from over ten thousand true cases. Written with sensitivity, insight, and a sprinkle of humor, these compelling stories of struggle and success, healing and hope, provide a candid glimpse into the world of mental health — both on and off the couch.

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