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No Room for Two

No Room for Two

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"You"re studying, taking tests, getting involved a bit socially, and trying to keep in touch with the outside world," said Gitty. "I think that's more than you can demand of yourself."

"I'm not demanding anything of myself," Devory said sadly. "But that world is passing me by. It"s like a train racing down the tracks while I"m still standing at the station and watching it with wide eyes. I can"t run after the train because it"s too fast. Instead, I follow it and try not to lose sight of it."

Like a stone tossed into the water setting off ripples in its wake, Devory Thaler's injury affects everyone around her. But Gitty Schwartz, Devory's best friend, is dealing with more than just her friend's injuries. She is straddling between two homes, her heart full of yearning and longing. Friends Yael, Avigayil, Tzipora, and Batsheva are struggling as well. Each one of them faces a meaningful crossroad; each girl needs to make a choice.

No Room for Two is a book that wisely, sensitively, and courageously weaves together a down-to-earth story of fragile teen friendships, mother-daughter relationships, and the different ways people respond to trauma. A must-read for every teenage girl—and her mother.

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