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Next, Please.

Next, Please.

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Yerachmiel Kantor dares to be different. He looks out of the box for his bashert. He knows in his heart that he's found what he's desperately sought for too many years. But is it always a good idea to follow one's heart in matters of marriage?

Sheila, too, struggles with that question. Will she find an answer she can live and thrive with?

Estelle and Elchanan Hachohen, older singles who have become older newlyweds, wrestle valiantly with the challenges of this new stage in their lives.

"Here I am sitting in the nearly empty teachers' room," Estelle writes in her diary, "the picture of a blissful kallah reveling in shana rashona.

"Why didn't anyone warn me that it would be so hard?? Is it just us, me and Elchanan, or is it this par for the course?"

Growth is never easy. Moving forward in difficult situations can seem close to impossible. Sometimes a single door pushed open makes all the difference.

Yerachmiel, Sheila, Estelle, Elchanan and other memorable players in the ongoing drama made their first appearance in Efrat Singer's debut novel, Last Chance?, which sold out to critical acclaim, Next, Please! Can be read and enjoyed without having read the first book.

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