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Menucha Publishers

Never Alone

Never Alone

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Luis is sent to a boarding school for children, far from his home and family. There he finds insulting, derisive comments spray-painted on the building. Somebody is plotting against him. Anti-Semitic donors come to the dormitory. And fighter planes are flying overhead.

Why is the school closing? Who stole the valuable piccolo? How did Luis manage to board the ship without a guardian? And where is he sailing to? Join Luis on his travels, and discover how every step of the way comes together to form a magnificent story of Hashgacha Pratis. Because Luis is never alone! Based on a true story!

Never Alone will lead you on a journey filled with laughter and tears, hope and longing, courage and faith. A suspense-filled story, with important lessons about dealing with social and emotional challenges and turning life's trials into spiritual growth.

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