My World Social Studies, We Do Our Part Grade 2


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The myWorld Social Studies: Grade 2 curriculum can be your guide on that journey. These materials help you as you educate your child on Social Studies topics, such as history, government, civics and geography. myWorld Social Studies uses storytelling techniques to ensure your child connects to the information cognitively and emotionally. myWorld Social Studies' unique approach to education is designed to ensure your child is engaged in the learning process. The curriculum was developed using educational research to ensure its effectiveness. Grade 2 is a natural progression from Grade 1, which creates a seamless homeschool experience. After completing this homeschool program, your child should: Have a better sense of North America's geography, and be able to identify countries, mountain ranges and major rivers. Be able to locate hemispheres, poles and the equator on a map. Know the names of American historic figures and leaders and their importance in the development of society. Understand the election process used in the U.S. Know how and why governments use their powers (i.e., to protect citizen security, manage conflict and maintain order). Gain an appreciation for diversity and people from backgrounds different than their own. Understand that historic events may be presented differently depending on the observer's point of view. 

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