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My Special Uncle

My Special Uncle

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“Mommy said that Hashem makes people in different ways….”

Meet Uncle Dovi and his lucky nephew, whose shared adventures help develop sensitivity and help reduce the anxiety that young children (and even some adults) experience when they meet others who appear “different.” Through simple text and beautiful illustrations, readers gain an awareness that the inclusion of all people, whatever their strengths or weaknesses, enriches all of our lives.

Ahava Ehrenpreis (nee Sperka) is the celebrated author of More than Special, Perspectives from the World of Special Needs and On My Own...but Not Alone. Mother of Saadya, a”h, a young man with Down syndrome, her experiences raising him were the basis for her popular and well-received articles and book on the topic. Saadya’s tragic passing from COVID-19 provided the impetus for My Special Uncle, which serves as a tribute to his sincere and ever-present assertion to everyone he knew that “it’s going to be okay!”

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