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My School Tools Kit

My School Tools Kit

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Zeesie Learns the Secrets to Success in School

"Zeesie," Mommy said, "just try to do your best. That's all Hashem wants - and He'll do the rest. But to help you succeed and do well in school, I have something for you: a kit filled with tools..."

Zeesie is so excited - she is finally beginning school! And boy, does she want to put her best foot forward, so she can succeed there! To that end, Zeesie's wise mother presents her with a special "School Tools Kit," a "package" of wonderful tips and tricks for how Zeesie can be a successful student in school.

Written by veteran elementary-school principal Mrs. Zviya Morgenstern, this adorable book is brimming with practical ideas for kids to implement, to ensure that they too can be at their best, both in school and at home.

by Zviya Morgenstern
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