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Mussia of Morocco

Mussia of Morocco

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My name is Mussia and I'm six years young. I live in the city of Casablanca in Morocco. Morocco is a Muslim country with a rich Jewish past. Our city, Casablanca, is a blend of the old and the new: On our street I see peddlers slowly pushing wagons full of merchandise side by side with fast-moving cars. Elderly women wearing traditional Djellabas, walk next to businessmen wearing fancy suits.

Today we'll join my father on a journey to Marrakesh; we'll tour the mellah - the old Jewish quarter; we'll buy spices at the market in honor of; and we'll ride camels at the foot of the Atlas mountains.
Journey along with Mussia through a fascinating day of her life in Casablanca. Watch the role she happily fulfills as a busy young outreach worker.
Mussia of Morocco is the eighth book in the Young Lamplighter series. These books will allow young readers to peek into the lives of boys and girls from all around the globe. They will meet children who, together with their parents, are trying to help Jews learn more about their heritage.
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