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Mrs. Recha Sternbuch: Rescuer of Refugees

Mrs. Recha Sternbuch: Rescuer of Refugees

ISBN: 9781614653363

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During World War II, many Jews from Germany, Austria, and France tried to flee from the Nazis and reach safety in Switzerland. Who would help them get past the guards? Who would take care of them and make sure that the Swiss police didn’t send them back?

Mrs. Recha Sternbuch was a young mother in Switzerland who wouldn’t rest until she had done everything possible for the desperate refugees. Warm and caring, with a regal appearance, she devoted her life to saving Jews. Again and again, she arranged for guides to help people slip past the border to safety. Once they arrived in neutral Switzerland, the refugees ate and slept at her house. Mrs. Sternbuch and her husband opened their hearts and home to all who needed them. This is Mrs. Sternbuch’s story. It’s the story of a woman who was the rescuer of refugees.

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