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Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch in the Neighborhood

Mrs. Make-a-Mentsch in the Neighborhood

ISBN: 9781600916304

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In the small, charming neighborhood of Clover Park, in an ever-so-slightly lopsided, two-story house, lives Mrs. Make-a-Mentch, a delightful lady with twinkly eyes, round glasses, and a spring in her step. 

Those who are lucky enough to know Mrs. Make-a-Mentch share her special secret. Whether it's Sarale, who has a hard time losing a game; the very loud Sobel children; or slow-moving Benni, Mrs. Make-a-Mentch has unusual ways of fixing all sorts of problems. Her solutions are zany as they are fun (and sometimes delicious, too!), but one thing they all have in common is that they really work!
So step through the door, and see for yourself why kids just like you flock to this exciting lady's home, and leave even happier than they've come. Meet the one-of-a-kind Mrs. Make-a-Mentch...and let the magic begin!
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