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MP Literature Classroom Bundle

MP Literature Classroom Bundle

ISBN: 9781614655442

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Our exclusive Mosdos Literature Anthologies provide students with a quality selection of literature in all genres. Student anthologies are organized in units to teach key literary components and concepts and to guide students in sophisticated literary analysis. Texts are highly engaging and include fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and plays. Access to shared text enables students to engage remotely with their peers in conversations around literature. Giving students fingertip access to quality literature which they can read, discuss, and share with peers, will help to combat the COVID reading slide and help students make meaningful progress to grade-level standards. Teachers’ guides provide on the spot suggestions for teachers in questions and prompts to guide students to higher levels of comprehension. Student workbooks call on students to apply their thinking and answer text dependent questions at a variety of levels and can be used in face-to-face, blended, and remote classroom settings.


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