Modeling Clay

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Liat's always been there for Dinah. Now can Dinah find the courage she needs to carve a new reality for herself...before her world comes crashing down?
"Don't tell me." My mouth went dry. "Liat, after everything I told you, I can't believe...!"
"Calm down. We're just gonna go today for fun. You're bored to tears. Nobody says you have to commit to anything!" She began working on my hair, strand by curly strand.

I gave up. There was no stopping her. Just for today, I would humor her. With all my strength, I slammed the door to my conscience firmly shut.

Dinah Karmel: Underneath her gilded veneer, she's plagued by insecurity. Will she find the courage to carve a new reality for herself before her world comes crashing down?

Liat Azouri: Will her insatiable need for power and control consume everything in its path?

Huvi Lewin: She's helped so many find the road to happiness- yet her own seems beyond her reach.

Tuli Werzberger: Can a frail little boy really hold the key to survival?

Modeling Clay. A novel that shatters facades to reveal eternal truths.

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ISBN-13: 9781600913723
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