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Mister Lister (Paperback)

Mister Lister (Paperback)

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A fun-filled story for younger readers.

Reuven could hear the shouts of the
children through the open windows. He
wished he were outside with them. This was
what happened at his old school. He just
wanted to be part of the group, but
something always seemed to go wrong.

Reuven tries to do things right, but it’s tough when, at home, more milk spills on the table than lands in the cereal bowl. At school, his handshake is too tight, he stands too close to the other boys, and his teacher can’t read his handwriting. At recess he can’t run fast enough to join the races. But Reuven does have a special talent. Can it help him overcome his rough start and reach his dream of finally fitting in?
Sensitively written by Judith Pransky, with beautiful illustrations by Sarah Zee, Mr. Lister will keep young readers rooting for Reuven as he struggles to succeed.

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