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Messages from Rav Pam

Messages from Rav Pam

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One of the most amazing things about the Torah taught by Rav Pam zt'l, the beloved mechanech often called "the Chafetz Chaim of our day," is that so many years after his passing, in a century where everything has speeded up and brevity is at a premium - his messages to us still fill our needs so perfectly.

Look at the very first d'var Torah in Messages from Rav Pam. The revered Rosh Yeshiva shares with us a fascinating Midrash, an insight into the nature of Shabbos, and gives us a takeaway message that will improve our lives and our interpersonal relationships - all in five short and readable paragraphs.

In his famous Friday morning "shmuess," Rav Pam used the parashah as a springboard for insights and advice on how to live as a Torah-true Jew. He had an uncanny ability to find in the weekly parashah practical solutions to contemporary challenges, both personal and communal. Rabbi Sholom Smith, a talmid muvhak, a faithful disciple who learned from him for decades, took careful notes - over 2,000 pages of them! - and has drawn upon them to bring his rebbi's wisdom indeed, his rebbi's beloved voice - to a new generation of students hungry for guidance.

Listen to Messages from Rav Pam. Enjoy it with your family, your guests, yourself. And watch as these brief messages make a huge difference to your Shabbos table... and to your life.

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