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Meet the Milsteins

Meet the Milsteins

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Watch what happens when Mommy gives the Milstein kids diaries…
Malky: “I realize that I can have a real impact on my siblings with this journal. They will be so grateful to
receive my knowledge for free. They are so lucky to have an older sister like me.”
Meir: “Did you know that if you stick a cup against the door and put your ear to one end, you can hear
what’s going on inside? It was totally by accident; I tripped in front of Malky’s door while holding a
Faigy: “Dearest Darlingest Diariest! If you’re wondering why I’m writing with a crayon now, it’s because
Meir just stormed in and grabbed the pencil right out of my hand! He says it’s his, and okay, it is, but I
was just borrowing it.”
Miri: “Diary! Malky says I’m not a princess. Why do I have to listen to her? I am a princess! I don’t have
to listen to anyone!”

Get ready for nonstop laughter as the Milstein gang frantically works on their “Get Malky Married and
Out of Our Hair” plan. Will their outlandish scheming succeed? Join the action with hilarious
orthodontist appointments, melodramatic play tryouts, a disappearing yellow notepad, and much more.
Meet the Milsteins, and let the fun begin!

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