Mazal Tov, My Torah


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Hashem told the Jewish people, “I gave you the Torah; however, I am unable to part from it. So, I ask you: Please make a place for Me, so that wherever you will go, you will take Me along as well.” (Midrash, Vayikra Rabba 33:1)

Learning Torah is not just about amassing facts. It is not merely knowing what is right and wrong. Torah is about discovering Hashem. It is about generating connection. It means bringing Hashem into your life and taking Him with you wherever you go.

In a clear and lucid fashion, Mazal Tov, My Torah provides an in-depth understanding of why we learn Hashem’s Torah. It leads the reader to an appreciation of the beauty of Torah and empowers him to learn with a feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. It gives him a taste of the exquisite simchah described by the Ohr Hachaim: “If people would sense the sweetness and pleasure of Torah learning, they would pursue it as if they were madmen, and an entire world filled with silver and gold would be worth nothing to them, since Torah contains all the good that exists in the world.
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