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Mashal V'Nimshal - DVD

Mashal V'Nimshal - DVD

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An All-New Exciting Animated Visual Experience

This exciting 45 min DVD is an animated production from the Mashal V’nimshal series by Menucha Fuchs. Filled with great chinuch and middos, and enhanced with fascinating images, sounds, and movement, this production will keep kids inspired and entertained.

1) Who Does the King Love Best?: This book will teach them that they are each loved for who they are.

2) And the Winner Is...: This adorable book will teach children the importance of cleanliness.

3) Fishel the Fisherman: This book will teach young children a vital lesson in thinking about the consequences of their actions.

4) King of the Animals: A book that will teach children the importance of getting along with their younger siblings.

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