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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

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In his unique and dynamic way, he touched the world and changed the lives of thousands. The Story of Reb Dovid Winiarz

A young man gives a Jewish book to each of the waiters and waitresses under his charge in camp one summer. Jennifer, one of those waitresses, takes her book with her as she journeys through high school and college. It is the only Jewish item she owns, her only connection to the faith she scarcely knows.

On a trip to Israel, Jennifer sees a lecture being advertised given by the author of her one Jewish book. She immediately goes to hear "her" rabbi speak, and comes away from the lecture inspired.

Jennifer begins to learn more about her heritage, and eventually becomes an observant Jewish woman, marrying a religious husband and raising a beautiful Torah-true family.

All because of a seed planted by a young man named Dovid Winiarz.

Meet Reb Dovid Winiarz: a community askan, one-man kiruv machine, husband and father, radio show host, and ben Torah who worked tirelessly all his days to make a difference in the world around him.

The Gemara (Shabbos 31a) discusses a list of questions posed to each person when he is brought to the Heavenly Tribunal, including: Were you honest in your business dealings? Did you set aside times to study Torah? Did you pursue wisdom and fear of Heaven?

If one were to ask Reb Dovid Winiarz to summarize the list, he would do so with one unifying question: Were you involved in making a difference?

And in the case of Reb Dovid, the answer was surely a resounding, Yes!

Making a Difference relates the incredible stories of an ordinary man who accomplished extraordinary things, by being willing to step up to the plate and take action. See how one man can reach and help so many thousands...and learn how you, too, can change the world.

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