Louis Braille

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Louis Braille, blinded at age three, was determined to learn and be as much like other people as possible. In the early 1800s disabled children did not go to school; instead, they became outcasts. But Louis was the exception. He relied on his memory, which enabled him to do well - but he still wanted to read. When he was 12, he invented a raised dot alphabet. This alphabet became known as Braille, and is now used around the world

Louis did not use his blindness to disable him, instead he found a way to experience and enjoy life. Fast paced and engaging, this story gives us a man who is an inspiration and wonderful role model, and the reader will be anxious to find out what happens in each of the dilemmas Louis encounters. As a hands-on bonus, the Braille alphabet can be found at the back of the book: readers are asked to close their eyes and read with their fingers. An excellent choice for young readers.

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Guided Reading Level: N
ISBN-13: 9780590443500
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