Llama Llama: Home With Mama


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"A reassuring story in rhyme about a sick little llama who gets better with some help from mama, and shows little ones that they can make a difference when it's mama who needs some TLC." — Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor

Llama Llama, morning light.
Feeling yucky, just not right.
Down to breakfast.
Tiny sneeze.
Sniffle, snuffle.
Tissues, please!

Ah-choo! Uh-oh, Llama Llama's nose is feeling tickly, his throat is feeling scratchy, and his head is feeling stuffy. Back to bed, no school today for Llama Llama! Instead, he's home with Mama. By lunchtime, though, he's beginning to feel a tiny bit better. But now someone else has the sneezes ... Mama! And who will help her feel better? Why, Llama Llama, of course! Anna Dewdney's fun-to-read rhymes are sure to help children and their parents get through those under-the-weather days.

Censor Level: 1
Format: Hardcover
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: K
Series: Llama Llama
ISBN-13: 9780670012329
ISBN-10: 0-67-001232-7
Sub Genre: Animals / Picture Book

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