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Listening to the Whispers

Listening to the Whispers

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Stories that speak to the heart and soul

Shh... Did You Hear That?

A woman’s heartfelt prayer on Kol Nidrei night soars to the heavens, in an earnest attempt to save her daughter from a devastating future. Will she succeed?

At the age of eighty, a spirited Floridian woman makes a fresh start and does the unthinkable, causing a ripple effect that inspires others to do the same.

A young girl and her parents, surviving under the harsh constraints of Communist Russia, are determined to keep Shabbos and fiercely protect their sacred values. Can they do so…at all costs?

In Listening to the Whispers, these stories and countless more form a masterfully woven, poignant, and heartwarming collection that will inspire and intrigue. Even the most seemingly minor occurrence has the potential to extract greatness and growth.

Popular worldwide lecturer and author Chana Weisberg provides a refreshing, honest, and insightful look at life’s experiences — from her toddler’s fiery determination, to her engaged daughter’s journey into a home of her own, to the patient and soft-spoken GPS on her minivan’s dashboard. With her endearing perspective, incisive wit, and profound insight, readers will find themselves listening to their own whispers…and hearing them loud and clear.

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