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Lions in the Sky

Lions in the Sky

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A haunting novel of medieval intrigue and Jews caught up in the  currents of history. Breaking through the cobwebs of the past, this  compelling drama ushers the reader into the era of medieval Jewry. From a Gothic castle which overshadows the Jewish quarter of Toledo to  the army camp of a Jewish Berber queen in North Africa, history unfolds in a fast-moving and suspenseful drama.

HULDA struggles under the heavy hand of the  Visigoths and the decrees of the Council of Toledo. Alone in a hostile world, she forges relationships with a colorful variety of characters and stamps her Jewish persona on all of them, including ELISHEVA, a Jewish child-slave.

ElIAS witnesses the events that preceded the destruction of the ancient Carthage. His destiny takes him on an intriguing odyssey across North Africa with his Berber companion, MEDDUR. Elias's attempts to bring salvation to his brethren, near and far, lead him into the vortex of an historical transition and epochal Jewish salvation.

As history unfolds and holds the reader captive, Goths, Arabs, and Berbers, as well as Roman legions, fill the pages of B. Sasson Tawil's latest historical fiction, Lions in the Sky.
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