Layla's Sugarland Winter

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Dear Diary,

You are never, ever going to guess where I am! SUGARLAND!! Home of the ice pop water slide and the candy cane swing... Guess what we got when we checked into the hotel? A bag full of candy! Anyway, right now I have to go and find our second surprise. I hope it’s as good as the first one.


Layla is thrilled to be spending winter break with Bubby Ida and all the cousins she met during her summer vacation in Vistaville. But when another guest accuses Layla’s favorite cousin of stealing her raffle ticket, emotions heat up and tempers flare. Treasure hunts, mysterious packages, surprise visitors, and cryptic clues make Layla determined to uncover Sugarland’s secrets.

This delightful sequel to Layla’s Vistaville Summer by popular author Faygie Holt is sure to engross its readers. Join Layla and her cousins on a fascinating adventure in Sugarland, where the excitement never ends and the discoveries never stop.

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Genre: Fiction
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ISBN-13: 9781614651604
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