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Just Trust! The Benefits of Bitachon - Comics

Just Trust! The Benefits of Bitachon - Comics

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You won't find a more precious treasure in life than emunah and bitachon. 

Inside this delightful book, you'll find a beautiful collection of stories, thoughts, and ideas about hashgachah pratis, emunah, and bitachon, written just for you.

You're sure to enjoy these fascinating illustrated stories, along with enlightening discussions, and concepts taken from everyday life that you can easily relate to.

So what are you waiting for? This is your chance to acquire the most valuable gift in the world!

In this volume:

Counterfeit Money - More Expensive Than It Looks

A Magic Solution?!

Thoughts About a Dentist...

Someone Who Believes Is Not Afraid


The Past Is Gone; the Future - Is Yet to Come!

The Egg Seller in Iraq

The Emunah and Bitachon Flashlight

The Real Test

The Faith of the Formerly Rich Man

Velo Lidei Nisayon... (May Hashem Not Test Us)

Don't Give Me Advice...

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