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Just Love Them for Children

Just Love Them for Children

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ens of thousands of readers were riveted and inspired by Just Love Them, the bestselling biography of Rabbi Dovid Trenk. Now we can share stories of his overflowing Ahavas Yisrael with our children.

• How did five-year-old Dovid Trenk teach his very first student?
• What fantastic mitzvah did Rabbi Trenk do -- with an ice cream truck?
• How did he turn a difficult and misbehaving boy into a top camper and color war general?

Shmuel Blitz, author of the ArtScroll Children’s Siddur, ArtScroll Children’s Haggadah, Children’s Bedtime Stories and more than 20 other bestsellers -- and a former talmid of Rabbi Trenk -- invites all children (and adults!) to join him as he brings us Rabbi Dovid Trenk’s remarkable world of chesed, caring, and love.

With its stories carefully chosen to engage young readers and delightful full-color illustrations by Lea Kron, Just Love Them For Children will keep the little ones excited and engaged, even as it gently teaches them the importance of loving every Jew.
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