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Journey on the C&O Canal

Journey on the C&O Canal

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Gabe walked over to the head mule, trying not to feel each little poke of rock on his feet. “Let’s go,” he said. The mule ignored him.

Gabe took hold of the mules’ harness and pulled. The front mule’s ears went up. A bad sign.

Gabe quickly let go.

Mr. Brant was watching from the boat with a slight smile. “Say ‘gee-off,’ son. They’ll

The year is 1909, and twelve-year-old Gabe Marks is looking for excitement. He jumps at the chance to help the Brants on their canal boat as they travel to Georgetown to collect an injured mule. But what seems like a thrilling experience quickly becomes a test of courage for Gabe as he encounters wild animals, slippery tunnels, and threatening thunderstorms. Can Gabe prove himself to the Brants while staying true to his beliefs?
Award-winning author Tovah S. Yavin brings a forgotten chapter of American Jewish history to life in this fascinating story. Adventure and discoveries await Gabe during his journey on the C&O Canal.

Recommended Reading Level: Grades 6-7

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