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If You Lived Here- Houses of the World

If You Lived Here- Houses of the World

ISBN: 9780547238920

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Step into unique homes from around the world and discover the many fascinating ways in which people live and have lived. If you lived in the mountains of southern Spain, your bedroom might be carved out of a mountain. If you lived in a village in South Africa, the outside of your house might tell the story of your family. And if you lived in a floating green house in the Netherlands, you could rotate your house to watch both the sunrise and sunset. 

With intricate bas-relief collages, Giles Laroche uncovers the reason why each home was constructed the way in which it was, then lets us imagine what it would be like to live in homes so different from our own. Showing the tremendous variety of dwellings worldwide—log cabins, houses on stilts, cave dwellings, boathouses, and yurts—this book addresses why each house is build the way that it is. Reasons—such as blending into the landscape, confusing invaders, being able to travel with one's home, using whatever materials are at hand—are as varied as the homes themselves.

List of Houses included: 

Dogtrot log house, based on dogtrots built in the southern U.S. 

Chalet, based on chalets built in the Austrian Alps. 

Pueblo, Taos, New Mexico 

Connected barn, based on connected barns common in northern New England. 

Cave dwelling, Guadix, Andalucia, Spain 

Palafitos (house on stilts), Chiloe Island, Chile 

Palazzo Dario, Venice, Italy 

Chateau La Brede, Bordeaux, France 

Tulou, Hangkeng village, Yongding, China 

Half-timbered houses, Miltenberg am Main, Germany 

Greek island village houses, Astipalaia Island, Greece 

Decorated houses of Ndebele, Pretoria, Transvaal, South Africa 

Yurt, based on yurts in Mongolia and other parts of central Asia. 

Airstream trailer, USA 

Floating house, Middleburg, the Netherlands 

Tree house, USA 

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