I Love My Tzitzis! How About You?


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My tzitzis come with me wherever I go.
We have fun together—doesn’t it show?
When I sit in the car, they are at my side;
My tzitzis sit near me throughout every ride…

Does your child LOVE to wear his tzitzis? Whether or not he does, he will certainly love to hear about Shmuel, whose favorite mitzvah is tzitzis!
Children will delight in this upbeat and fun book about Shmuel and his tzitzis, which follow him wherever he goes. Whether they’re swishing and flying as he pumps high on a swing, or they’re resting on his knees as he goes down a slide, Shmuel’s tzitzis are clearly an integral and beloved part of him.
I Love My Tzitzis—How About You? will instill in youngsters a warm appreciation for this special mitzvah.
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Genre: Fiction
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ISBN-13: 9781600917622
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