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I Have An Amazing Story For You

I Have An Amazing Story For You

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Incredible: Three different blessings from three different Gerrer Rebbes save members of one family on three different occasions.

Astonishing: Time after time, in country after country, learning a certain sefer brings unlooked for salvation and blessing.

Awe-Inspiring: A Jew hides a pair of tefilin throughout his year in Nazi death camps, and the tefilin ultimately saves his life.

Amazing: The stories are all true!

It happens so often. Rabbi Nachman Seltzer is walking on a street, waiting in a store, chatting after a lecture, eating in a restaurant. Suddenly someone sees the famed author whose true stories have delighted and inspired tens of thousands of readers. The stranger comes over and announces, "I have an amazing story for you."

And out it comes. It may be a tale of extraordinary hashgachah pratis, Divine Providence. A story of spiritual heroism. A narrative of unexpected greatness, of struggles and growth, or of kindness and compassion. Very often the story is one worth hearing, one that should be shared. And Rabbi Seltzer, does, indeed, share the stories with us, retelling them in his inimitable, vigorous and engaging style.

In this masterful collection, Rabbi Seltzer has chosen some of the best, most readable and unusual stories that he's heard from others. Because he truly has, for his readers, "an amazing story for you.

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