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I Can Help

I Can Help

ISBN: 9781945560484

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Join a young brother and sister who are happy to do mitzvos and help throughout the day!  In the morning, they help by washing, dressing, and putting their things away independently.  At breakfast, they help set the table and serve some of the food. They enjoy sweeping the floor, watering plants, and choosing items to put in the shopping cart! 

 Together, they help unpack groceries, bake for Shabbos, and clean up their toys.

 This cheerful picture book depicts a child's joy at being able to participate in real chores and activities. It presents the opportunity for discussion about what types of tasks are needed to run a home, and how each child can make a difference by helping! 

 Perhaps, like the enthusiastic children in this book, your child will discover new and additional ways to to be helpful. 

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