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Hot Dogs To The Rescue!

Hot Dogs To The Rescue!

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Stories that speak to you...

* How do you plan an important party on very short notice? Any way you can! Now, let's see what's in the freezer...

* When you've got a secret so huge you think you'll explode, can you possibly keep it to yourself?

* What happens when your faithful sidekick, who's been following your lead since first grade, finally decides to leave you behind?

* A new family moves in and you have a shot at gaining a new friend. But how do you make a good first impression when your weird family is always embarrassing you?

These are just a few of the nineteen endearing and inspirational stories you ll find in this delightful collection by Miriam Schonzeit, popular writer for the Yated Ne'eman.

Perfect for ages 9-13.

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