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His Final Mission

His Final Mission

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A pandemic is spreading across our communities, and there’s no vaccine for it.

It’s an issue no one wants to address. It’s the issue that’s breaking up families and destroying souls.
It’s the issue that’s causing people to drown in despair.

Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski’s final mission was to save people from Internet addiction.
His solution? Send them to Guard Your Eyes.

This book is a comprehensive guide to help individuals and family members understand and combat addictions. Filled with illuminating examples, practical techniques, and inspiring testimonials, Rabbi Twerski’s articles and correspondence have helped thousands begin the long climb back to spiritual healing.

“Fifteen years ago I had no place to send people with these struggles. Psychologists and
psychiatrists have not had much success with addictions. But since Guard Your Eyes came
around, I have sent many people there, and their success rate is phenomenal.”
—Rabbi Dr. Abraham J. Twerski

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