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Hershele Discovers America

Hershele Discovers America

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The cruel Poritz of Ludika once again has an idea of how to harm Hershele and the people of Ostropole! Like Paraoh in Mitzrayim, he lures the Jews to come to America and work under comfortable conditions (minimal wage-a penny a week, three meals of mud cereal a day, and sadistic overseers). Have the people of Ostropole been sentenced to pick cotton till the end of their days?

Hershele leaves with his nephew Yudele on a journey across the country to save his brother and the rest of the villagers. On the way, he has to contend with

savage Indians,

a pair of unsuccessful detectives,

a haunted mining town and

a nephew with an exceptionally loud voice.

Will Hershele succeed in overcoming all obstacles including his nephew's voice)and saving his brother? Or will the Poritz finally win in his 989th attempt to trip up Hershele?

Read all about it in this hilarious and surprising newest volume in the Hershele of Ostropole series.

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