Hardy Boys: #42 The Viking Symbol Mystery

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The Canadian Northwest beckons Frank and Joe Hardy to mystery and adventure. It all starts when a French-Canadian trapper, Caribou Caron, makes a historical and valuable find- a carved stone left by Vikings centuries ago near Great Slave Lake. When Caribou Caron attempts to sell the artifact to a representative of a museum, it is snatched by thieves. Like the intrepid Vikings of old, Frank and Joe, with their close pal Chet Morton, set off on a perilous quest in the Northwest Territories to recover the valuable artifact before the robbers can decipher the symbols leading to the buried treasure.

Censor Level: 2
Format: Default Title
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: R
Series: Hardy Boys
ISBN-13: 9780448089423
ISBN-10: 0-44-808942-4
Sub Genre: Mystery

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