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Guilt-Free Chocolate and Other Stories

Guilt-Free Chocolate and Other Stories

ISBN: 9781600912856

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Popular author Rachel Stein is back with a whole slew of new stories for tweens!

In Guilt-Free Chocolate and Other Stories, you'll meet Chaim, who's ashamed of his immigrant father...until he learns the truth about him; Chavie, who has absolutely no interest in giving up her room to a family of strangers over Shabbos, until she realizes how much of an interest she actually does have in these people; Devorah, who learns the hard way that being a perfectionist is not always a good thing; Yissacher, who always thought of himself as the most average kid around, until he discovers the secret behind becoming a true star...and many other kids who, like yourself, are attempting to climb the mountain of life, while dealing with the challenges thrown their way, as best as they could.

If you are a tween who loves reading as much as you love chocolate - then this book is for you! Or why not have both?

Guilt-Free Chocolate and Other Stories together with a snack of a yummy chocolate that's what I call delicious!

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