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Kinder Shpiel



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Who sent the golem of Prague to buy apples for the Simanim?

What is the meaning of the rifle that peaks out from under the stack of sheimos in the attic?

What embarrassing question does the Golem of Chelm ask Paulis the apostate?

How did the Baal Shem save the Jews from the troubles of the Priest and the dogs?

Through which trick does Hershele escape from the forest robber?

How did Hershele arrange a decent guest house for himself?

What does Jucha do that they should not steal his shoes during his visit to the Pasha’s house?

How does Jucha release the stolen Tefillin from the Muslim man?

With great pleasure, we present you short illustrated stories filled with humor and Jewish charm, from the brushstrokes of the famous comic artist, Gold, in the seventh book, which concludes the series of the golems.
Gloemix - as his name. Unlike the other books in the series, this comic book is a collection of short stories, in which all four characters of the “golem” series starring in one mix.
Join us with the adventures and amusing stories taken from the Jewish historical narrative, and learn the lessons, as well as how to get out of any embarrassing situation with dignity.
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