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Gebliben Getrei

Gebliben Getrei

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Written by C. Rosenberg and rendered into Yiddish by Y. Klughaupt, this rich historical novel set in the 1800s will introduce you to the greatness of Torah giants of that generation. You'll also get a glimpse of the Emunas Chochomim and Emunah Peshutah the 'common folk' displayed as they traversed the deadly Cholera epidemic, poverty, attacks against authentic Yiddishkeit, and other social issues of the times.


Sacrificing a great deal when giving up the comforts of her European home, Mirel, an excellent Eishas Chayil, settles with her family in Eretz Yisroel. Can she ever hope to truly adapt to community norms? How will she deal with the vicissitudes of life when her husband travels back to Europe? Can she be a strong presence for her young children? Must she protect her husband from the knowledge of tragedy?


Growing up in the lap of luxury did not stymie Avruham from following the dreams which had little in common with materialistic endeavors - and his familial lifestyle. Can Avruham ever bring true reconciliation, acceptance, and peace between the pining of his soul and his family's expectations?


When child turns protector, emotions cloud logic. And secrets become the name of the game.  Will Zissel ever come clean with the burden she carries? Will she ever find peace with her actions? Will she forever be burdened by the heavy yoke of secrecy?

Gebliben Getrei is an exquisite and realistic portrayal of Jewish life in the Heavenly City during a most turbulent era. It includes a historical overview of events, allowing readers to distinguish between actual facts and fiction. Replete with drama, suspense, and true-life vignettes, this historical novel will bring you to the realization that our struggles today are essentially not that different from those of yesteryear.

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