From Flickers to Flames (Two Volume Set)


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"With the slightest spark, one can ignite another Jew's heart."
Kiruv rechokim often seems like the buzzword of today's generation. But are we doing enough to reach our brethren who have been raised without Torah and mitzvos? What more should we be doing, and how?
In From Flickers to Flames, Rabbi Binyomin Schonblum has compiled sources on all facets of the mitzvah of kiruv, beginning with the pesukim and Gemaras and continuing through Rishonim, Acharonim, and contemporary sources. Through stories and insights quoted from a wealth of Torah literature, he demonstraes how and why we should fulfill this mitzvah.
From Flickers to Flames is a resource for all who want to learn more about the Torah view on kiruv.
"With love, care, and common sense, and the Torah's guidance, we can change others' lives forever."
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