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Forever Forward

Forever Forward

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Meira and Chava are two very different sisters facing the same challenge: how to keep their family together?

It's been four years since her husband was killed in a terror attack and Meira is struggling to stay strong for her children. Will she admit to the challenges or will she insist on ignoring them? Can she show her children the way by healing herself first? Or will they show her the way instead?

In the heart of a game reserve in Kenya, Chava single-mindedly devotes herself to elephant research even when her husband and newborn baby need her. Will she learn to compromise and put her family first? And if she doesn't, will she still have a home to come back to after her research project is over?

Will their father Gershon succeed in fixing the rift he caused within the family? Will Richard, Chava's husband, find the inner strength to stand up for his family's needs?

Popular writer Rhona Lewis draws us into a story of tragedy and hope in this fascinating and ultimately uplifting story of living, loving, and striding forward.

Rhona Lewis, author of Shimmer of Hope, contributes regularly to Hamodia, the Jewish PressCircle Magazine, and other Jewish publications.
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