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Follow Me

Follow Me

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When Pessie Hersko's husband Yochi decides to give up his steady, predictable job as an accountant to work as a tour director, taking frumtravelers to five-star hotels around the world, Pessie's every instinct screams to squelch Yochi's enthusiasm, and the whole crazy idea in general. Why can't Yochi see the ridiculousness of pursuing such a job, not to mention the unfairness of it to his wife and family?

Deena Lizman is a young widow and single mother, whose job as a food blogger and influencer is jeopardizing her relationship with her well as preventing her from properly feeling and processing her own jumbled emotions.

Can Pessie summon the inner strength necessary to follow Yochi wholeheartedly down the off-the-beaten path he has chosen for himself and their family? And can Deena face the world, including her own self, as the true, unglamorized Deena, without her flawless #nutsandbasil persona?

In Follow Me, popular author Esty Heller has woven a compelling novel around the hot topic of social media's effects on ourselves and our closest relationships. Well-written and peppered with humor, this book will provide much discussion and food for thought, long after its satisfying conclusion. 

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