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Finger Print

Finger Print

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From the author of The Will and The Mexico File comes a breathtaking story of conspiracy, betrayal, secrets - and unfailing hope.

A man collapses in the street and is declared dead. It soon becomes clear that his life is even more mysterious than his sudden death. Trying to uncover their fatherÂ’s secret, his sons embark on a perilous journey to a place where questions have no answers, and where the darkness surrounding their father becomes impenetrable -- and very, very dangerous.

They discover a world where nothing is what it seems: friends are enemies, certainties become doubts, and you can trust no one - not even yourself. A world where their father is not the man they knew... Guerrilla fighters, a young kibbutznik, an ultra-clandestine KGB plot, and an Israeli-British intelligence operation all come together under the deft hands of master storyteller Chaim Greenbaum, in a story that will keep you obsessively turning pages until the very last shocking revelation. Fingerprint is a novel about people "just like us" facing life and death struggles and challenges in a world gone mad, a world where only their faith can possibly save them.

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