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Festivals of Life

Festivals of Life

ISBN: 9781568715179

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The Depth and Meaning of the Moadim

Experience the awesome power of the days and festivals in our lives!

In Festivals of Life, Rabbi Zev Leff, consummate educator and internationally renowned lecturer, shifts our focus from the external trappings of the mo'adim, the Jewish holidays, to their inner meaning. He helps us access the hidden dimension of our festivals and emerge closer to our Creator.

Explore the many facets of our holidays:

      • Discover how Rosh Chodesh teaches us critical lessons about our nation's purpose on this earth.

      • See how Sukkos synthesizes the messages of Pesach and Shavuos and why this leads to joy.

      • Appreciate the intrinsic connection between Tu BiShevat and TuB'Av and how they prepare us for the days that follow.

      • Understand what sefiras ha'omer teaches us about achieving potential, and why it is the essential prerequisite for accepting the Torah.

      • Learn how Tishah B'Av prepares us for Yom Kippur and, ultimately, for Mashiach.

Each festival is a gift. Read Festivals of Life and find out how you can tap into the deeper meaning of each Jewish Holiday.

Rabbi Zev Leff has long been famous for his ability to explain lofty concepts in a clear, tangible manner. Thousands have had their lives immeasurably enhanced by his incisive ideas, his sharp wit, and his crystal-clear hashkafos. Now you too can benefit from his wisdom.

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