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Faraway Summer

Faraway Summer

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“I don’t want to live with strangers. I want to stay right here,” I said. 
“Think how sick you were all winter long,” Ruthi answered. “The country will make you stronger than ever. You’ll have new experiences and make new friends. You may not even want to come home again.”

 IT’S THE SUMMER OF 1910. Twelve-year-old Dossi Rabinowitz lives on the Lower East Side of New York. Her parents have passed away, and her older sister, Ruthi, takes care of her. Now Dossi is leaving the crowds, heat, and dirt of the city to spend the summer in faraway Vermont where the air is fresh and clean. Can a Jewish city girl learn how to pick blackberries, milk cows, and, most challenging of all, make friends with the Meade sisters?

A fascinating historical novel by renowned author Johanna Hurwitz.

 “Readers will likely be drawn to this little-known slice of history.” — Publishers Weekly

“A good choice for a different focus on cultural diversity.” — The Horn Book

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