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Essential Math Skills - Student Book

Essential Math Skills - Student Book

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A Comprehensive Mathematics Competency Workbook that Reviews and Practices Skills Students Need to Pass State Competency/Mastery Tests

  • One-page lessons with worked-out examples.
  • Applications throughout the text.
  • End of chapter extended problem solving have students choose strategies.
  • More geometry.
  • An entire chapter on rational numbers, equations, and applications.
  • Reviews all basic concepts and operations.
  • Exercises include realistic applications which students can apply to everyday needs.
  • A Complete Testing Program, pre- and post-tests for each chapter.
  • Cumulative tests for every 4 Units.
  • End-of-book test covering all of the chapters.

The Student Workbook has eight chapters:
1. Whole Numbers
2. Decimals
3. Fractions
4. Percent
5. Measurement
6. Graphs and Formulas
7. Geometry
8. Rational Numbers and Equations

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