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Menucha Publishers

Escape from the Neve Tzuf Fire

Escape from the Neve Tzuf Fire

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Israel, November 2016

The small, friendly community of Neve Tzuf, Israel, is suddenly thrust into danger. The weather is dry and windy. Forest fires started by terrorists are breaking out across the country. When a fire erupts in Neve Tzuf and spreads at an alarming rate, Efrat Cohen and her family must flee in the middle of the night. Will the Cohens be able to outrun the fire? Can their son, a firefighter, battle the flames? Will they ever be able to return to their home? This is the true story of a brave and resilient family. Join them on their harrowing escape to safer ground. Readers will be fascinated by this absorbing account of the Cohen family as they escape from a major forest fire.

The Escape series provides readers with compelling, true narratives of Jewish heroism and survival. Each book includes engaging photographs, a timeline, and a glossary.


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