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Dudi & Udi & The Korean War #1, Comics

Dudi & Udi & The Korean War #1, Comics


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A Comic Book With Mind Bending Puzzles!

"The boys exposed a Russian spy and now they're in danger."


"We've got the spy monkey and his operators!"


"Listen, the boys disgraced the statue of our esteemed leader and


were arrested. You'd better stop asking about them before you're


arrested too!"
Dudi and Udi find themselves caught up in an incredibly strange


story. Champ is kidnapped by a foreign spy and when they try to


rescue him, they end up in a distant enemy land. Things only go from


bad to worse when they are imprisoned in a North Korean prison


This book is the first in the new Chidudi series, which combines


the magic of a suspenseful comic with the thrill of a book full of


challenging riddles. The Chidudi series promises an enjoyable read


and the satisfaction of mind-bending puzzles, mathematical riddles,


trivia questions, and visual perception challenges.
Chidudi is a brain sharpening innovation you won't want to put


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