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Don't Let Small Problems Ruin Great Simchas

Don't Let Small Problems Ruin Great Simchas

ISBN: 9781680252002

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Were you ever blessed with a beautiful Simcha and still ate your heart out because some relatively unimportant detail went wrong?

This book is about exactly that — not letting nonsense or “narishkeit” disturb you when you should be fully joyous and happy. In Don’t Let Small Problems Ruin Great Simchas, Gadi Pollack’s magnificent drawings capture a new perspective of the classic Simchas of the life cycle. Rabbi Baruch Chait’s creative and unique insights speak to all ages, and direct readers toward a healthy, calm attitude even when things don’t go as planned. Train yourself to be calm and focused, and enjoy every gift you receive from Hashem to the absolute fullest extent. Here’s where you will learn how NOT to lose it because the caterer made a mistake and the napkins do not match the tablecloth… and here’s where you’ll discover that your Simcha can still be the greatest!

So, to all ba’alei simcha, we wish you a big Mazel Tov! Relax, focus, thank Hashem, and fully enjoy your Simcha (and the book)! Extra large format book.

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