Dog Diaries #2: Buddy


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For anyone who has ever wanted a puppy, the DOG DIARIES series tells a dog's story in a new way — from a dog's point of view! Focusing on a different breed for each book, starting with a golden retriever and a German shepherd, these stories are based on true dog stories or on true-to-life situations. With realistic black-and-white illustrations by renowned illustrator Tim Jessel and an factual appendix, dog-loving early chapter book readers will beg for more!

A German shepherd — the first dog trained at Dorothy Eustis's famous Seeing Eye guide-dog school for the blind — looks back at her life. Chosen for her intelligence, obedience, and willingness to learn, Kiss knows there is more to life than chasing balls and chewing bones. She is a Noble Creature and Great Things await her. But after spending months learing to take care of her beloved trainer Jack, why does he suddenly want her to take care of Morris — a strange, clumsy man who wants to change her name to Buddy? Could it be that Morris needs Kiss to take care of him even more than Jack did?

Based on a true story, the appendix has facts about German shepherds, the history and training of guide dogs, hosting guide-dog puppies, and much more.

Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: S
Series: Dog Diaries
ISBN-13: 9780307979049
ISBN-10: 0-30-797904-0
Sub Genre: Animals / Historical

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