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Kinder Shpiel

Die Pardohn

Die Pardohn

ISBN: 9781680912869

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Vibrant flowers and crystal glasses adorn the wedding tables. The orchestra plays softly in the background. Udel sits on her bridal chair in joyful anticipation, but where is the Chosson (groom)?! Eighteen years earlier, newly married Dov and his wife Dinah--the bride's parents--set out for Mexico with the best of intentions--to work in the wealthy Jewish community and earn enough to buy an apartment of their own back in Israel. But their happy dreams collide with a terrible reality when their newborn daughter is kidnapped. Follow a desperate search of Mexico's back roads and big cities, its mansions and mountains. Can they scrape together the means--and the courage--to rescue their baby from a heartless criminal and his gang? Based on a true story --
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